Winter 2016-2017: Colder and Snowier? Check out D’Aleo’s Forecast

winter_2016_17_snowfall_octEditor’s Note: While Blue Hill Observatory does not issue forecasts and does not endorse this forecast, we thought our readers would enjoy hearing what a leading winter weather expert is predicting. Joe D’Aleo is a certified meteorologist and the first Director of Meteorology at the Weather Channel. He is currently Co-Chief Meteorologist at WeatherBell Analytics, LLC.

According to Joe D’Aleo, “A colder and snowier winter is on the way for the Great Lakes, Northeast, much of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic”. He goes on to say “There is a danger of major cold from Thanksgiving to New Year’s”. To read  the full 2016-2017  winter forecast prepared by Joe D’Aleo click here.