November 2016 Summary – Warmer and Drier Than Average

Blue Hill Observatory
November 2016 Summary:

The month saw a return to drier weather, but it continued the warmer than average weather seen every month so far this year. The 24-hour mean temperature for the month of 44.0 deg F was 3.4 degrees warmer than the 120-year average for November and about two degrees warmer than the 1981-2010 30-year average. The highest temperature for the month was 69F on the 2nd, and the low temperature of 28F occurred on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 28th. This tied for the second warmest November minimum temperature on record, behind 29F in 2009 and matching 28F in 1998 and 2011. There were no cooling degree days during November, leaving the seasonal total at 901, which is the second highest seasonal cooling degree day total since at least since 1960. November brought a total of 2.61 inches of precipitation, which was 1.75 inches less than the long-term 120-year average and more than two inches less than the 30-year mean. The greatest amount in 24 hours in November was 1.27 inches on the 15th-16th, and much of the rest of the month’s rainfall, 1.10 inches, fell in downpours on the 29th and 30th. The first frozen precipitation of the season was observed during the month, though it only amounted to a trace of sleet on the 6th and traces of snow on the 21st and 24th. The mean wind speed was 11.9 mph, which was the lowest ever measured in November, and the prevailing direction was from the northwest. The peak gust was 45 mph from the east-southeast on the 29th. November was sunnier than average with 53 percent of the possible bright sunshine being recorded, which was six percent more than the long-term mean for the month.

BHO Warmest November Minimum Temperature, deg F (1885-2016):

1) 29 in 2009
2) 28 in 1998
   28 in 2011
   28 in 2016
5) 27 in 1975
   27 in 1983
7) 26 in 1953
   26 in 2006

BHO Greatest Number Seasonal Cooling Degree Days, (1960-2016):

1) 916 in 2010
2) 901 in 2016 (through November)
3) 811 in 2015
4) 805 in 1999
5) 780 in 2005

BHO Lowest November Mean Wind Speed, mph (1885-2016):

1) 11.9 in 2016
2) 12.1 in 1992
   12.1 in 2000
4) 12.3 in 2012
5) 12.5 in 2006
   12.5 in 2009


Mike Iacono
Chief Scientist
Blue Hill Observatory