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New Employment Opportunity

The historic Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center is seeking to fill a weather observer position at our Milton, Massachusetts location. We welcome applicants with an interest in weather and climate, a strong attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and the flexibility to work an occasionally varied schedule. Previous experience with standard meteorological observation… Read More »

“Picture Post for Environmental Conservation”— A New Program for Middle School Youth at Blue Hill Observatory with Supporting Online Units

Middle School Educators: Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center Invites You and Your Students to Visit Great Blue Hill this Fall—at No Charge (and we will help organize this field trip)   “Picture Post for Environmental Conservation,” described below, was developed with heartfelt gratitude to Greater Boston educators who work tirelessly to help all youth… Read More »

Extreme Drought of 2022 Continues at Blue Hill

August 2022 was the sixth consecutive month with below average precipitation at the Observatory, and the region continues in an extreme drought at the end of summer. Spring (March-May) 2022 precipitation totaled 7.44 inches, which was the tenth driest on record. Summer (June-August) 2022 precipitation was only 6.00 inches, which was the eighth driest on… Read More »

Renovations are in Progress at Blue Hill Observatory: What You Need to Know

Our building is closed No public access is allowed during construction planned through 2023 Obey posted safety signage. Use caution when around construction areas and summit roadways. Extensive work began June 2021 including much-needed concrete repair, historically appropriate door and window upgrades, lighting upgrades and more. The Observatory and grounds will be closed to the… Read More »

Olmsted200 Recognizes Blue Hill

The organization celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of landscape architect, author, and conservationist, Frederick Law Olmsted, has recognized the Blue Hill Observatory for its location in the Blue Hills Reservation, which was designed by members of the Olmsted Firm in 1893. Read the full story here.  

Cool Start to June 2022 Compared to Last June

The first nine days of June 2022 at the Observatory featured daily maximum and daily mean temperatures that were all colder than the first nine days of June 2021 as shown in the table. Most of the daily high and average temperatures were more than ten degrees colder than last year. Early June 2021 featured a very… Read More »

Blue Hill Observatory Remembers Mish Michaels

Mish Michaels and Blue Hill Observatory: Our Tribute to an Extraordinary Community Leader Mish Michaels came into our lives over twenty years ago at a time when Blue Hill Observatory was beginning to establish a nonprofit scientific education center focused on weather and climate programming. From that moment on, Mish’s involvement with, and support of,… Read More »

The Observatory is Seeking a Curriculum Development Consultant with Ecological Expertise

SCOPE OF WORK & DELIVERABLES The Observatory is seeking an experienced Elementary, Middle and High School Curriculum Developer with additional expertise in ecology to develop a new educational program entitled “Picture Post for Environmental Conservation” that aligns with the Massachusetts State Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. The exciting multi-tiered program suite will… Read More »