We’ve Reached our Minimum Goal to Purchase a New Aerovane- Thank You!


Late yesterday we officially reached our minimum fundraising goal of $8,000 for our Kickstarter campaign to purchase a new Belfort Aerovane anemometer! We had an unbelievable two days of fundraising, which saw nearly half of the funds raised in just 24 hrs. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave their support to this new fundraising initiative- this new anemometer purchase will truly strengthen our climate reporting- especially in adverse and potentially record-setting conditions.

This style of instrument has been a reliable source of wind speed and direction data for over half a century on Great Blue Hill, providing our primary daily and hourly wind direction, and has served critically as our backup official peak gust recorder. Following decades of abuse from the elements atop Great Blue Hill, our old Aerovane suffered a catastrophic failure, leaving it beyond repair.

There are still several days left in the campaign, which will end at noon on Tuesday October 6th. While we will wind down some of the fundraising efforts, we still encourage all of you to get the word out that this campaign is ongoing and will help cover additional costs such as the custom chart paper, ink and maintenance needed for our Aerovane chart recorder. In the mean time, we hope to get an order out to Belfort for the new instrument and set up a time with our volunteer Harris Pitnof to help install the new anemometer ASAP. Please give today, and your tax-deductible donation will help us ensure the careful measurement of our region’s weather and climate for the next 130 years.

  • To make a donation, please visit the KickStarter web site today.