Time is running out to meet our Annual Challenge

bho_winter10bFor the second time in the last two years the State Legislature voted operational funds for Blue Hill Observatory. As you may know, however, the Executive Branch did not authorize the release of those funds last year, and has given no indication it plans to this year. Once again, we must turn to you, our loyal supporters to help us meet this budget shortfall.
Our Annual Challenge goal this year is to raise $100,000 to keep this vital cornerstone of meteorological research, education and outreach alive in our community. It will also help us to address critical building repairs that are threatening to close the Observatory to the public and need to be addressed now.
During the last six months we have become aware of serious structural issues with the Observatory tower. The cement building, constructed in 1908, has seen years of severe New England weather and the entire façade is deteriorating rapidly. Several pieces of loose masonry have been removed and the Observatory was briefly closed for that work. In addition, the entire upper parapet faces possible replacement. We are working closely with the DCR on this project, and with your help and state budget capital support this National Historic Landmark can be preserved and kept open for public tours and school programming.
With these challenges in mind, we ask all of our friends and supporters to make a tax deductible gift to Blue Hill Observatory. A generous year-end donation will allow our staff to continue what it does best– accurately record daily weather data, expand climate research, and continue to offer educational programs to thousands of local students. It will also help us begin to address critical building needs.

There are three ways to donate:

By Check made out to Blue Hill Observatory and mailed to Box 187 Readville, MA 02137
By Credit Card by calling 617-696-0562
On-Line click the Donate button below.
Your continued interest and support is greatly appreciated.
All of us at Blue Hill Observatory wish you and yours a healthy and joy-filled holiday season.