Tell Us How You Remember The Great Blizzard of “78”

The Great Blizzard of February 6-7, 1978 was one of the most significant weather events of the 20th century in New England.

If you experienced this storm 40 years ago, let us know how you remember the Blizzard of ’78 by leaving a comment below.

Here are some of the weather observations at the Blue Hill Observatory from this blizzard:

Total Snowfall: 30.1 inches
Total Precipitation: 2.96 inches
Snowfall Duration: 37 hours (from 10:43 AM on February 6 to 11:58 PM on February 7
Max/Min Temperatures: February 6, 30/24; February 7, 30/21 (during the snowfall)
Fastest Mile: 67 mph NE at 9:04 PM on February 6
Peak Wind Gust: 84 mph NE at 9:04 PM on February 6 (estimated from fastest mile)
Highest Hourly Wind Speed: 44 mph, ENE 9-10 PM and 10-11 PM February 6

Here are a few observations from other stations in the area:

Boston Logan Airport:
Snowfall: 27.1 inches, Precipitation: 2.85 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 79 mph, ENE
Providence, RI:
Snowfall: 28.6 inches, Precipitation: 3.20 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 67 mph NE
Worcester Airport:
Snowfall: 20.2 inches, Precipitation: 2.02 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 50 mph, NE
Concord, NH:
Snowfall: 13.1 inches, Precipitation: 0.62 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 46 mph NE
Mount Washington Observatory:
Snowfall: 12.5 inches, Precipitation: 1.81 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 131 mph, E
Block Island, RI:
Snowfall: 10.5 inches, Precipitation: 1.19 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 68 mph, E
Snowfall: 0.0 inches, Precipitation: 0.90 inches, Peak Wind Gust: 90 mph, E