July 2013 Summary – Very Warm and Humid

Blue Hill Observatory
July 2013 Summary:

For July 2013, the average monthly maximum temperature of 83.2F was the

13th warmest on record, but the average monthly minimum temperature of

66.9F was the WARMEST on record for July and for any month of the year.

This broke the previous record of 65.9F in 2010 by an entire degree F.

July 2013 also had the highest average vapor pressure on record of 23.5 mb,

and the highest average dew point on record of 68 deg F.  Vapor pressure is an

absolute measure of the amount of water vapor in the air, while the dew

point (a related parameter) is a temperature that also reflects the

atmospheric moisture content. The previous record monthly vapor pressure

for any month of the year was 22.5 mb in July 1994, which corresponded

to an average dew point of 67 deg F.