House to Vote on $100,000 Funding for BHO. Your Immediate Help is Needed

Representatives Galvin of Canton (Sponsor) along with 26 other Representatives (Co-Sponsors) have filed Amendment #822 to the House budget that will provide for “not less than $100,000  to be expended for the Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center”. If passed, this will be an important step toward ensuring that Observatory STEM educational programs and the historic unbroken climate record will be continued. We are asking all of our supporters to call or email House Speaker Robert DeLeo and their local State Representative and ask him/her to support the funding in Amendment #822. The full House vote on this amendment will be taken as early as Wednesday, April 24th so your immediate help would be greatly appreciated.

Email for Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo-

Phone Number for Speaker DeLeo-617-722-2500

List of Representatives and their emails.