Governor Baker Vetoes $100,000 Budget Line-item for B.H.O. Your Support is Needed.

For the third year in a row the Massachusetts Legislature has appropriated $100,000 for operational support for Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center and for the third year in a row Governor Baker has vetoed it. Once again, we are asking for your support.
Sometime in the next two weeks, and possibly as early as Saturday, July 23rd,  the state legislature, that recognized the Observatory’s critical role in climate research and education with the $100,000 appropriation, will review all items vetoed by Governor Baker. They have the authority, with a two-thirds vote, to restore the $100,000 budget line-item that is so critical for continuing our historic climate study and educational programming. While an override was successful last year, this might not happen again without your support.
Because of the shortness of time we are asking that you CALL House Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (617-722-1500) and ask them to schedule an override vote for the Governor’s veto of the $100,000 for Blue Hill Observatory in the FY2017 Budget, account # 2810-0100. In addition, we encourage our supporters to contact their legislators on Beacon Hill. A list of all legislators can be found on this link.