A Grand Achievement—Blue Hill Observatory’s Unbroken 135 Year Recording of the Weather—Help Us Celebrate!

Imagine, Blue Hill Observatory’s first weather observations were made on February 1, 1885 at the top of Great Blue Hill— from that day on we have maintained an unbroken recording of the weather!

Considered a remarkable resource, Blue Hill Observatory’s data is the most homogeneous climate record in North America and is a benchmark station for the study of climate change.

Important research studies on atmospheric radiation, clouds, and rainfall patterns have been conducted at the Observatory, and many meteorological firsts, including the development of the radiosonde (weather balloon) occurred at this historic site.

Our building is now a National Historic Landmark and with the addition of our Science Center in 1999 we are also a non-profit educational organization working to inspire and develop next generation climate scientist.

Our 135th Anniversary Goal is to obtain $135,000 in community funding to advance 21st STEM Century Learning Programs in Climate Science that support the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

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Our Commitment to You!

  • To increase public understanding of atmospheric science and general climate by providing educational programming, training, consultations, conferences and workshops for students, teachers, weather enthusiasts and the general public;
  • To maintain continuous, uninterrupted recording of weather and climate conditions with traditional methods and instruments and to make this data available to other weather centers, educational institutions, researchers, weather enthusiasts and the general public;
  • To support ongoing research projects on critical meteorological topics, climate change and climate resilience and to engage high school and college students in these research projects.