House to Vote on $100,000 Funding for BHO. Your Immediate Help is Needed

Representatives Galvin of Canton (Sponsor) along with 26 other Representatives (Co-Sponsors) have filed Amendment #822 to the House budget that will provide for “not less than $100,000  to be expended for the Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center”. If passed, this will be an important step toward ensuring that Observatory STEM educational programs and the… Read More »

Governor Baker Signs FY19 Budget- BHO Funding Approved

Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a $41.7 billion FY19 budget on Thursday, July 26th. He also vetoed nearly 300 earmarks worth almost $50 million in spending. Fortunately, thanks to a tremendous effort by Blue Hill Observatory loyal supporters, the $100,000 in funding for the Observatory was not vetoed. Of the 53 “Special Projects” in… Read More »

“Colder and Likely Snowy Winter Ahead” Says Winter Weather Expert Joe D’Aleo

Editor’s Note: While Blue Hill Observatory does not issue forecasts and does not endorse this forecast, we thought our readers would enjoy hearing what a leading winter weather expert is predicting. Joe D’Aleo is a certified meteorologist and the first Director of Meteorology at the Weather Channel. He is currently Co-Chief Meteorologist at WeatherBell Analytics,… Read More »

Governor Signs FY2018 Budget- BHO Funding Spared

Governor Charles Baker has signed the FY2018 budget authorizing $39.4 billion in spending, but he also vetoed $320 million in spending that include $42 million in “earmarks”. Fortunately, the $100,000 in Operational Funding for Blue Hill Observatory WAS NOT VETOED. After signing the budget, Governor Baker sent it back to the legislature urging lawmakers to… Read More »

Mass Legislature APPROVES $100,000 Funding for BHO

After receiving the Conference Committee’s recommended Budget that reinstated $100,000 funding for Blue Hill Observatory, the Massachusetts House and Senate approved the FY 2018 Budget on Friday,7/7, that included the $100K BHO funding. The next step, legislatively, is for the Governor to review the budget. He will then  have ten days to either sign or… Read More »

Last Chance to Gain Funding for Blue Hill Observatory

The Joint Conference Committee is in the last week of discussions to reconcile differences between the House and Senate budgets. As we explained in a previous post, Blue Hill Observatory has a $100,000 line-item in the House  budget, but nothing in the Senate budget. Now, more than ever, we need your help to ensure that… Read More »

Mass Senate Votes NO on Funding for BHO

The Massachusetts Senate tonight (Wednesday, May 24)  voted NO on Amendment 688 that would have provided $100,000 for “Operational Support” for Blue Hill Observatory. It is possible that the funds can be restored by the House/Senate Joint Conference Committee, but this will be an up-hill battle. Please follow this website for further updates.    … Read More »

Senate to Vote on $100,000 for BHO. Your Immediate Help is Needed

NEW POST…NEW POST…NEW POST…NEW POST… Senator’s Walter Timilty and Julian Cyr have filed an amendment to the Senate budget that will provide $100,000 for “the operations of Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center”. If passed, this amendment will be an important step  toward ensuring that the Observatory’s educational programs and historic unbroken climate record will… Read More »

Governor Baker Cuts Blue Hill Observatory Funding

Blue Hill Observatory was notified today (12/07/16) that the previously authorized funding of $100,000 for Operational Support was cut by Governor Baker. It was part of a massive cut the Governor made under Chapter 9C to address what he said was an “anticipated budget shortfall”. Both Branches of the legislature had supported the funding for… Read More »

2016-2017 Winter Temperature Forecast

Editor’s Note: While Blue Hill Observatory does not issue forecasts and does not endorse this forecast, we thought our readers would enjoy hearing what a local seasonal forecaster is predicting. Judah Cohen is a scientist who specializes in seasonal forecasting at Atmospheric and Environmental Research in Lexington, MA. Using a model that considers Siberian snow… Read More »