New Schedule for Blue Hill Webinar

Thanks to all of you who have attended the Observatory’s webinars. With many people now back at work and things getting somewhat back to normal, we have decided to present only one webinar a week. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17 1 p.m.
The Mysteries of Tornadogenesis
Presented by Sean Ernst, PhD meteorology student University of Oklahoma

Tornadoes are the most violent storms on earth, capable of tearing away at the earth and everything on it with winds in excess of 300 mph or more. At the same time, tornadoes are perhaps one of the most ephemeral weather events – sometimes lasting seconds and measuring mere feet in diameter, sometimes lasting hours and growing to miles in diameter. These storms also preferentially strike some parts of the US, known as Tornado Alley, over places like the Mountain West.  
What are the mechanisms that drive these storms? What determines their strength, power, and longevity? And why do they occur more often in Oklahoma than Massachusetts? In this Blue Hill Observatory presentation, The Mysteries of Tornadogenesis, we will learn about the weather conditions that come together to favor the Supercell thunderstorms that produce most tornadoes, as well as the dynamics within those Supercells that scientists are currently studying to unlock the secrets of tornado formation. Throughout the presentation, we will also discuss how these processes can be forecast, and some online resources you can access to begin to forecast tornadoes yourself! 

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