Special Event to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the 1938 Hurricane

On Friday, September 21st, Blue Hill Observatory will hold a full day of events to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the 1938 Hurricane. All daytime events are open to the public. The evening lecture is free for Observatory Members, non-members must purchase tickets at $10 each.

11 AM – Observations will be recreated using the original nephroscope which helped BHO Director Dr. Charles Brooks forecast that the hurricane would strike later that day and warned officials at Harvard University

Noon – Staff available to talk to the media about the 186 mph wind measured later in the day during the 1938 Hurricane at the Observatory

2 PM – Lecture on the 1938 Hurricane by Dr William E Minsinger who authored the book The 1938 Hurricane – an Historical and Pictorial Summary in 1988.

4-6:45 PM – the timeline of weather events at the Observatory reviewed as they occurred in 1938. Staff available to the media for live interviews

7PM – Lecture on the 1938 Hurricane repeated free for BHO members. Non-members must purchase tickets at $10. each. Location – Fuller Village, Milton. Tickets available on the Blue Hill website- www.bluehill.org