I have a disability. How can I access the Observatory?

| August 24, 2018 | Reply

The closest public parking to the Observatory is at the Trailside Museum at the base of Great Blue Hill. The pedestrian route from this parking lot to the observatory along the summit road is approximately one mile long, with an average slope of 15-20%. This road is not open to public vehicles. Special arrangements can be made for specific vehicles to drive to the Observatory. If you have concerns about reaching the Observatory, please contact us to arrange vehicular access to the top.

Blue Hill Observatory is over one hundred and thirty years old, and was built in several stages on top of the hard granite hilltop. The route up to the tower includes slopes up to 18% and rocky natural terrain. Once inside, many of our public rooms are accessible to guests with limited mobility, but there are some areas that can be reached only by steps, including the observation room in the tower. Many of the exhibits within the Observatory can be moved to accessible areas, and accommodations will be provided if you do not wish to or cannot travel to the upper rooms. The hilltop around the Observatory is rocky and uneven in many places, with steep slopes and abrupt changes in level. Accommodations will be provided if you do not wish to or if you are unable to navigate the hilltop.

Our staff is used to welcoming students and participants of all abilities to our programs. To request an accommodation, please contact Program Director Don McCasland at 617-696-0562 or dmccasland@bluehill.org.


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