Daily Record Snowfall at the Observatory on April 16th

| April 16, 2021 | Reply

A strong coastal storm combined with anomalously cold temperatures to bring a record breaking snowfall and more than two inches of much needed liquid precipitation to the summit of Great Blue Hill on April 16th, 2021. Rain began during the night, and snow started mixing with rain just before the 7AM EST observation. By 7:30AM, the precipitation type was all snow. It came down moderately at times and totaled 3.6 inches before changing back to light rain by the 1PM EST observation. This snowfall breaks the previous daily record of 2.0 inches set back in 1904 and in 1962. This snowfall also ranks as the sixth largest on record since 1885 for this late in the season.

BHO Highest Late-Season Snowfall, inches (1885-2021):

1) 7.8 on 9-10 May 1977
2) 11.0 on 28-29 April 1987
3) 8.0 on 28 April 1916
4) 4.3 on 18 April 2020
5) 3.7 on 18 April 1965
6) 3.6 on 16 April 2021

Andrew Swanson

Mike Iacono
Chief Scientist
Blue Hill Observatory

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