2021 Precipitation

| February 4, 2021 | 5 Replies

Category: Precipitation, Weather Archives

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  1. David Waters says:


    I wish you would update the precipitation archives. It is my favorite part of your website.

    Thanks – David

  2. Steve Wenner says:

    Thanks so much for compiling this weather data! I’ve been curious about the precipitation this year in my area (South Shore) and have searched far and wide for weather history data. Hundreds of websites will give forecasts, but it is amazingly difficult to find recent historical data.

  3. Steve Wenner says:

    Anxiously awaiting July rainfall data!

    • Mike Iacono says:

      The rainfall total for July 2021 through the 28th is 11.41 inches, with three days left to go. This amount is about a quarter of an inch below the current record for wettest July of 11.67 inches measured in 1938!

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