Matt Noyes Supports Blue Hill Observatory. Will You?

| January 19, 2019 | Reply

“Each generation rises to the task of braving the New England elements, but one constant force has unwaveringly withstood all of nature’s cruelty and splendor, resolute to measure each breath of wind, drop of rain, flake of snow and ray of sun, indelibly etched in an immortal historical record: the Blue Hill Observatory. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of our nation’s oldest continuous weather observing site. Like nowhere in America, the efforts of 133 years of observers and fellow New Englanders bequeath rare historical perspective, cogent understanding of the present and the foundation necessary to unearth clues to our collective future.”

Matt Noyes, NECN/NBC

Please use the ” Support” or “Donate” links on this website to give as generously as you can or call 617-696-0562 with your donation. Thank you for your support.

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