Harvey Leonard Supports Blue Hill Observatory, Will You?

| December 19, 2018 | 2 Replies

“The Blue Hill Observatory is one of the greatest climate resources in our region. The hourly weather observations provide key support to local forecasts. The Observatory continues to provide the longest running climate record in our country, so vital to climate research, and it educates students on related topics in weather and science.”

Please use the ” Support” or “Donate” links on this website to give as generously as you can or call 617-696-0562 with your donation. Thank you for your support.


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  1. Jacques Julien says:


    in your November monthly climate summary you forgot to include the daily snowfall totals.

    Also a record daily snowfall was established I presume on the 16th
    since no precipitation is given for the 15th even though in the
    daily discussion of the 17th november it is said that 6 inches fell
    on the 15th breaking the 4 inches recorded in 1967. A clarification
    would be welcome.

    Thank you

    Jacques Julien

    • Mike Iacono says:

      Thank you for the comments, Jacques. The final daily snowfall for November 15th was 6.5 inches, which surpassed the previous record for the date of 4.0 inches in 1967. The additional 1.0 inch of snow on the 16th was not a record for that date. I added a sentence to the November monthly summary to reflect that daily record.

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