Join Us for “Solar Eclipse 2024” a Webinar with Dr. Tamara Ledley and Host Tim Kelley on March 12th

Our host, 25-year meteorologist, Tim Kelley and The Observatory proudly welcome MIT trained climate scientist, Dr. Tamara Ledley for a stimulating and illuminating presentation on the upcoming solar eclipse taking place on April 8, 2024.

The Greater Boston Community will experience a 92.5% eclipse, which will be the last one viewable over the U.S until August 2044.

Dr. Tamara Ledley, pictured left, has travelled the world to experience and photograph eclipses. This year she will travel to Mazatlan, Mexico. Prior to doing so, Dr. Ledley will present her vast knowledge of different types of eclipses—solar vs. lunar; partial, annular, and total—along with guidance on how to safely view and photograph this breathtaking event.

To participate at no charge – register here for “Solar Eclipse 2024”.