For Our Children, For Us! Please Make the Blue Hill Observatory Your Priority this Giving Season

For Our Children, For Us!

As we reflect on all that we do each year—and our impact—we recognize our legacy begins with our children and their knowledge of the weather and how to leverage that knowledge to ensure humankind and the Earth thrive for generations to come.  Through their excitement and curiosity in climate science we see our own future, and in turn we do all that we can—for Our Children and For Us—to ensure their educational experience is meaningful, magical, and memorable.
As the crisis of climate change has entered the daily lives of our children, our goal is to convey the importance of scientific discovery and to empower them to pursue science formally and informally throughout their education.
Please take a moment to share in their joy in our new video presentation!


Simply put, we cannot exist or envision our future without individual contributions from our community, especially right now, during this Giving Season—which sets the stage for future programming.
For Our Children, For Us! We ask that you make the Blue Hill Observatory your priority this Giving Season. Suggested Giving Levels to support our Science Center and Educational Programs. 

  • $1,200—Top of the Mountain—Yippie!
  • $500—Almost There—Deep breath!
  • $250—Let’s Get Moving—First step taken!
  • $100—Sounds Great—I’m in!

In return, in the year ahead our team will demonstrate that you are our priority—on good weather days and badwe will be here at the top of Great Blue Hill to greet each day with you.
From all of us at Blue Hill Observatory we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your community partnership.