Thank You to All our Earth Day 2024 “Climb for Climate” Climbers—You are the Absolute Best!

Congratulations to all our Earth Day climbers! You took on The Observatory’s “Climb for Climate” Challenge by hiking up 635 feet to the top of Great Blue Hill. All of us at The Observatory and Trillium Brewing Co. are proud that you are a part of our community. Below are a few inspirational testimonies from the day that help to put in perspective the importance of “Earth Day” each year and every day.

What Earth Day Means To You….

“Earth Day means I will do my best to take care of the environment. I love and enjoy it.”

“Conserving the land in and around Boston for nature education.”

“A reminder that the separation of humanity from nature is an illusion.”

“I love to play outside.”

“A day to remember the beauty, power, and rhythm of nature. We are part of the Earth, part of nature, not separate.”

“Earth Day is a friendly reminder to learn more about preserving the Earth for future generations.”

“Earth Day is a day where people can celebrate the Earth.

“We can also spread awareness on climate change. People can also take the day to acknowledge life.”

“A great time to go for a climb”

“Earth Day is a day to pick up trash”

“We are all sharing this planet and owe it to each other to take care of it. If everybody does a little it means a lot.”

“Earth Day is about loving and respecting the environment so that we can enjoy for generations to come.”

“Well, Earth is mother, like giver, sustains us and all creatures – a day of remembrance – positive action of giving back is the least we humans can do!”