Blue Hill Observatory Rotch Memorial Monument

Pictured here is the monument near the Observatory that was originally erected in 1912 in honor of the Observatory’s founder, Abbott Lawrence Rotch.  It was later etched with a summary of the climate information that was recorded during the Observatory’s first century (1885-1984).  This page lists the climate records on the monument that have been replaced since that time.


For the period from 1885-2020, the climate statistics on the monument that have changed and the previous values are:

1885-2020 1885-1984
Average Temperature: 47.7 degree F 47.1 degree F
Average Precipitation: 48.98 inches 47.44 inches
Precipitation, Annual Maximum: 71.00 inches, 1998 65.51 inches, 1972
Precipitation, Monthly Maximum: 18.81 inches,
March 2010
18.78 inches,
August 1955
Average Seasonal Snowfall: 61.6 inches 60.1 inches
Snowfall, 24-hour Maximum: 29.0 inches,
Mar 31 – Apr 1, 1997
28.2 inches,
February 24-25, 1969
Snowfall, Seasonal Maximum: 150.8 inches,
136.0 inches,
Greatest Snow Depth on the Ground: 46 inches,
February 15, 2015
42 inches,
January 25, 1948
[and 43 inches,
March 4, 1969]
Average Wind Speed and Direction: 14.7 mph, W 15.4 mph, W

An inscription on the back of the monument reads: “In memory of Abbot Lawrence Rotch, founder and director of the Blue Hill Observatory, pioneer in the study of the upper air, a life devoted to science for the good of mankind”.