August 2023 Summary – Wetter and Cooler Than Average

Blue Hill Observatory August 2023 Summary: 

August 2023 was generally cool and wetter than average with less sunshine than usual. The approximated 24-hour mean temperature for the month of 68.7 deg F was 0.4 degrees warmer than the 1891-2020 130-year average for August, and it was 1.6 degrees cooler than the 1991-2020 30-year average. The average maximum temperature of 77.5 deg F was 2.7 degrees cooler than the 30-year normal, and the average minimum temperature of 61.6 deg F was 1.0 degrees cooler than the 30-year normal. The highest temperature was a relatively low 84F on the 12th, 13th, and 21st. This reading tied as the sixth lowest August monthly maximum temperature on record, and it was only the second time since 1940 that the August maximum was as low as 84F. The lowest temperature was 54F on the 2nd. The total precipitation was 5.68 inches, which was 1.77 inches more than the 30-year normal and extended the generally wet pattern during the summer months. The heaviest rainfall events brought 1.50 inches on the 24th-25th, which was the greatest amount in 24 hours, and 1.48 inches on the 18th. There were two thunderstorm days during the month on the 13th and 18th. Five tornadoes were observed across southern New England on the 18th including a brief EF-0 in Stoughton just south of the Observatory and an EF-1 in Weymouth to the east-southeast. The mean wind speed was 10.1 mph and the prevailing wind direction was from the south-southwest. The highest wind gust was 39 mph from the south on the 8th and west-northwest on the 9th. August bright sunshine was slightly below average with 234.6 hours, or 57 percent of possible, which was two percent less than the long-term average for the month.

BHO August Lowest Monthly Maximum Temperature, deg F (1885-2023):

1) 80 in 1889
2) 82 in 1903
   82 in 1927
4) 83 in 1887
   83 in 1897
6) 84 in 1915
   84 in 1940
   84 in 1986
   84 in 2023

Mike Iacono
Chief Scientist
Blue Hill Observatory