Last Chance to Gain Funding for Blue Hill Observatory

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The Joint Conference Committee has begun deliberations to reconcile differences between the House and Senate budgets. As we explained in a previous post, Blue Hill Observatory has a $100,000 line-item in the House budget (item 2810-0122) , but nothing in the Senate budget. Now, more than ever, we need your help to ensure that educational programs and the longest climate record in the Nation can be continued. Please click on the links below to email or call your local Senator and Representative, and the members of the Conference Committee, and ask them to  support funding for Blue Hill Observatory. Thank you.

Email for Senator Spilka
Phone Number for Senator Spilka: 617-722-1640

Email for Senator deMacedo
Phone Number for Senator deMacedo: 617-722-1330

Email for Senator Lovely
Phone Number for Senator Lovely: 617-722-1410

Email for Representative Sanchez
Phone Number for Representative Sanchez: 617-722-2990

Email for Representative Kulik
Phone Number for Representative Kulik: 617-722-2380

Email for Representative Smola
Phone Number for Representative Smola: 617-696-2100

List of Senators and their emails.

Lis oft Representatives and their emails.




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