Blue Hill Observatory Rotch Memorial Monument

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Pictured here is the monument near the Observatory that was originally erected in 1912 in honor of the Observatory’s founder, Abbott Lawrence Rotch.  It was later etched with a summary of the climate information that was recorded during the Observatory’s first century (1885-1984).  This page lists the climate records on the monument that have been replaced since that time.


For the period from 1885-2019, the climate statistics on the monument that have changed and the previous values are:

1885-2019 1885-1984
Average Temperature: 47.7 degree F 47.1 degree F
Average Precipitation: 48.94 inches 47.44 inches
Precipitation, Annual Maximum: 71.00 inches, 1998 65.51 inches, 1972
Precipitation, Monthly Maximum: 18.81 inches,
March 2010
18.78 inches,
August 1955
Average Seasonal Snowfall: 62.0 inches 60.1 inches
Snowfall, 24-hour Maximum: 29.0 inches,
Mar 31 – Apr 1, 1997
28.2 inches,
February 24-25, 1969
Snowfall, Seasonal Maximum: 150.8 inches,
136.0 inches,
Greatest Snow Depth on the Ground: 46 inches,
February 15, 2015
42 inches,
January 25, 1948
[and 43 inches,
March 4, 1969]
Average Wind Speed and Direction: 14.7 mph, W 15.4 mph, W

An inscription on the back of the monument reads: “In memory of Abbot Lawrence Rotch, founder and director of the Blue Hill Observatory, pioneer in the study of the upper air, a life devoted to science for the good of mankind”.

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